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Oktober 2006


BMB released!

One says, nobody is perfect. If you use other themes than Qute or the Firefox default, neither the bookmarks button nor the history button had an icon with BMB 0.4.2. Stupid, isn't it?

BMB 0.4.2 released!

Firefox 2.0 was released this week and now, finally, the new version of Bookmarks Menu Button is out. :-)
I've added of course full Firefox 2.0 support, but in exchange I removed the support for Firefox 1.0 (like I already told you). Full support for Fx 2.0 means: list of recently closed tabs and the option to restore the last closed tab with a right/middle click on the history button. Second, I have added an option to remove the arrow next to the buttons. This was an often asked question and was requested by makondo for BMB 0.4.2. I also changed the Qute theme to Qute 3 by default. If you still use Qute 2, look at the changelog. Oh I almost forgot to say, the history button now has a shortcut key too. Like the bookmarks button, it will use the same key as the histor menu and thus it will only work, if the normal menu is hidden.
Currently, BMB 0.4.2 is only available in english and german language. The other languages will surely follow within the next months. If you want to help to translate BMB, contact me or join Babelzilla.

now go and get it! ;-)


Windows Update KB924867

Das Update KB924867 für Windows XP gibt es nun auch im Microsoft Download Center. Ich lasse es noch eine Weile auf meinem Server, werde es dann jedoch entfernen und nur noch auf die entsprechende Download-Seite verweisen.
KB924867 runterladen



Gestern, Dienstag den 10. Oktober 2006, hat Microsoft eine aktualisierte Version der DirectX (9.0c) Laufzeitumgebung in Form des October 2006 Release veröffentlicht. Bei diesen zwei-monatlichem Updates werden in der Regel die D3DX, XInput, und Managed DirectX Komponenten aktualisiert. Einige Spiele wie Titan Quest benötigen zum Beispiel solch aktuellere DirectX-Versionen.
Passend dazu habe ich auch gleich die neue Version des DirectX Control Panel hochgeladen.

Download der DirectX End-User Runtime October 2006


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